Danger! Will Robinson

Now, Will Robinson! Danger!

The Ministry of Education has directed Whanganui High School and other Whanganui schools to close tomorrow, Wednesday 5th April. We will update you when we have more information.

Please take care and remain safe at all times.

Martin McAllen - Principal

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Welcome to Whanganui High School

Whanganui High School is a modern, state funded, co-educational school of approximately 1500 students and 160 staff. The school is located in Whanganui in the region of Whanganui-Manawatu, New Zealand and occupies 12 hectares and consists of 12 single-storey teaching blocks. There is also a canteen, gymnasiums, playing courts, extensive sports fields, library, performing arts area, and our Te Atawhai Unit, which is designed for students with special learning needs.

It is the largest school in the lower North Island and one of the 30 largest schools in New Zealand.

Whanganui High School prides itself on caring for individual students in a quality academic environment. The school provides a balanced education for its students from Year 9 through to Year 13.

In terms of academic achievement our students’ achievement places the school well within the top 10 co-educational state secondary schools in New Zealand.  Whanganui High School is highly regarded internationally as evidenced by being Confucius Institute accredited and having as many as 80 foreign students studying with us.

The Whanganui High School community strives to ensure that all students are given the opportunity and support required to reach their potential in all aspects of their education.

By choosing Whanganui High School you are selecting a school that is committed to ensuring your youngster reaches their full potential.

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