Digital Technologies General NCEA 1

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Level 1 Core Up to 22 Credits


To provide a course in which students will gain a good level of expertise in using modern applications, across a wide range of activities including, basic integration of well designed documents created using Office 365 and Google, creating of original works in a variety of media using applications from the Adobe suite. Also included will be some simple game development and programming using programs such as Scratch and Flash.This course will allow for Course Endorsement.

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Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
1.1 Create a proposal for a digital outcome 1 3 Internal
1.10 Demonstrate understanding of compression coding for a selected media type 1 3 External
1.11 Demonstrate understanding of searching and sorting algorithims 1 3 Internal
1.2 Develop a design for a digital outcome 1 3 Internal
1.4 Develop a digital media outcome 1 4 Internal
1.7 (Option) Demonstrate a understanding of human computer interaction 1 3 External
1.8 Construct a basic computer program 1 4 Internal

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