Digital Technologies Applied NCEA 2

Course Details

Level 2 Core 16-20 Credits


This course is designed to enable students to gain a broad understanding of the different software applications available today and some skills in using these appropriately. The safe use of computers and the correct use of computers as communication tools will be a feature of this course. Students will develop skills in communication, design, research and problem solving.

Entry Requirements:

Open entry for Year 12 students, subject to HOD approval but excludes studies in DTS2

Course Contribution:


Leads To:

DTA3, DTM3 subject to HOF approval

Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
26744 Produce a media application for use on a communication device to meet a set brief 2 5 Internal
2786 Create and use a computer database to solve a problem 2 3 Internal
2788 Produce desktop published documents to meet a set brief 2 5 Internal
2791 Integrate spreadsheet and database data into word processed documents to meet a set brief 2 3 Internal
5940 Produce a presentation using a desktop presentation computer application 2 3 Internal
5957 Produce schematic diagrams using a computer application 2 2 Internal
6743 Demonstrate an understanding of ergonomics principles for computer workstations 2 2 Internal

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