Digital Technologies Applied NCEA 3

Course Details

Level 3 Optional 28 Credits


This course will concentrate on the production and integration of documents used in business. Design skills and accuracy of work will be essential. Students taking this course will gain experience in using the more advanced features in Microsoft Office applications, along with some of the applications in the Adobe Suite Collection.

Entry Requirements:

Open entry for Year 13 students, subject to HOD approval but excludes taking DTS3

Course Contribution:


Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
18742 (Optional) Produce a relational database solution for organisational use 4 8 Internal
2785 Create a computer Spreadsheet to provide a solution for organisation use 3 5 Internal
2787 Create and use a computer database to provide a solution for organisational use 3 6 Internal
2789 Produce desktop published documents for organisation use 3 6 Internal
5968 Discuss the social implications of information technology 3 3 Internal

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