Digital Technologies Media NCEA 3

Course Details

Level 3 Optional 22 Credits


To enable students to select and competently use digital media to communicate information. Advanced skills will be developed to allow the seamless transfer of information between applications as well as the ability to design appropriate layouts with the end user in mind. The use of media is rapidly expanding and around half of this course will be based on developing advanced skills in various forms of media use. This may include Website design, Print Media as well as the use of Video and Audio Media. Much of this will be based on using the Adobe Creative suite of software and web design tools. Students will develop skills in communication, design, research and problem solving.

Entry Requirements:

Open entry for Year 13 students, subject to HOD approval.

Course Contribution:


Leads To:

U.E. Approved

Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
91608 Undertake brief development to address an issue within a determined context. 3 4 Internal
91632 Demonstrate understanding of complex concepts of information systems in an organisation 3 4 External
91633 Implement complex procedures to develop a relational database embedded in a specified digital outcome. 3 6 Internal
91634 Demonstrate understanding of complex concepts of digital media 3 4 Internal
91635 Implement complex procedures to produce a specified digital media outcome. 3 4 Internal

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