Digital Technologies Science NCEA 3

Course Details

Level 3 Optional 16 Credits


The purpose of this course is for students to gain an appreciation of advanced logic and construction of computer software. The knowledge gained throughout this course will enable students to design and create a computer based game or utility program. Achievement of 14 credits in the course will form one U.E. Subject.

Entry Requirements:

Achieved results in one of AS91371, AS91372 or AS91373, and/or TIC/HOF approval which will be based on achievement in Mathematics at level 2.

Course Contribution:


Leads To:

U.E. Approved. Computer Science or Software Engineering degrees or work in the Computer Infrastructure fields.

Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
18741 Create a computer program to provide a solution 3 6 Internal
91610 Develop a conceptual design considering fitness for purpose in the broadest sense 3 6 Internal
91636 Demonstrate understanding of areas of computer Science 3 4 External
91637 Develop a complex computer program for a specified task 3 6 Internal

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