International English Language NCEA 1

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Level 1 20+ Credits


To help English as a Second Language students to communicate in simple English and to improve their skills, with particular focus on reading and writing. English Language (EL) standards.

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Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
27996 Write simple texts on everyday topics (EL) 1 5 Internal
27997 Write simple texts for practical everyday purposes (EL) 1 7 Internal
27998 Complete simple forms with personal information (EL) 1 5 Internal
30979 Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken texts in everyday situations (EL) 1 10 Internal
30994 Read and understand simple texts in everyday contexts (EL) 1 5 Internal
31001 Read and understand simple texts for everyday practical purposes (EL) 1 5 Internal
31005 Read and understand a range of simple written texts independently (EL) 1 5 Internal
31025 Present simple information on an everyday familiar topic (EL) 1 5 Internal

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