Statistics Extension NCEA 2 & Cambridge

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Level 2 - Selected Students 17 Credits


This course will provide students with an extension course in advance of NCEA Level 2. Students will sit internal and external Level 2 achievement standards. This course covers the same material as MPS2, and in addition some pure Mathematics and further Statistics concepts. The teaching is pitched at Merit/Excellence level. In addition, students will study topics required for the Cambridge International AS Level Mathematics course and might sit the CIE exam at the end of the year. Students taking this course are also advised to take MCA2. This course is prerequisite for taking MCA3 in Year 13.

Entry Requirements:

20 credits from MAE1 and HOF/TIC approval (Note: 1. Completion of this course will provide entry to any Level 3 Mathematics courses MCA3, MTA3, MPS3, MGC3. 2. Students completing this course will receive NCEA credits and those who also complete MCA2 will gain a result in the Cambridge AS exam). Students taking this course are encouraged to also take MCA2

Course Contribution:

Cambridge Examination Fee. Students need a Graphics calculator for this course.

Leads To:


Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
91258 Apply sequences and series in solving problems 2 2 Internal
91264 Use statistical methods to make an inference 2 4 Internal
91265 Conduct an experiment to investigate a situation using statistical methods 2 3 Internal
91266 Evaluate a statistically based report 2 2 Internal
91267 Apply probability methods in solving problems 2 4 External
91268 Investigate a situation involving elements of chance using a simulation 2 2 Internal

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