Trigonometry and Algebra NCEA 1

Course Details

Level 1 Core 23 Credits


To provide a Mathematics programme that will develop in students a variety of approaches to solving problems involving Mathematics and provide a foundation for those students who may continue studies in Mathematics or other learning areas where Mathematical concepts are central. The following topics are studied; Number, Angle Geometry, Graphs, Algebra, Statistics, Probability and Trigonometry.

Course Contribution:

$10 workbook. (Students are strongly advised to have a Graphics calculator for this course).

Leads To:

MTA2, MPS2 or MCA2/MCS2. Note: 1. This course is provided for students with a strong understanding of Mathematics. 2. Algebra standard 91027 is a non-calculator standard. Although it is an external achievement standard it is sat during the internal school examinations in Term 3. Achievement in this standard is required for entry into MCA2, MCS2 MTA2 and MPS2 courses.

Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
91027 Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems 1 4 External
91028 Investigate relationships between tables, equations and graphs 1 4 External
91031 Apply geometric reasoning in solving problems 1 4 External
91032 Apply right-angled triangles in solving measurement problems 1 3 Internal
91035 Investigate a given multivariate data set using the statistical enquiry cycle 1 4 Internal
91037 Demonstrate understanding of chance and data 1 4 External

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