Economics NCEA 3

Course Details

Level 3 Optional 18-24 Credits


To enable students to gain a high level of economic understanding and a continuing interest in contemporary economic issues. Sections dealt with include: A study of the market; the role of the Government in providing goods and services; and a macro-economic view of the economy as a whole.

Entry Requirements:

12 Credits in ECO2 or in both ENG2 or ENE2 and MTA2 or MPS2 including 1 external standard in each and HOF/TIC approval

Leads To:

U.E. Approved

Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
91399 Demonstrate understanding of the efficiency of market equilibrium 3 4 External
91400 Demonstrate understanding of the efficiency of different market structures using marginal analysis 3 4 External
91401 Demonstrate understanding of micro-economic concepts 3 5 Internal
91402 Demonstrate understanding of government interventions to correct market failures 3 5 Internal
91403 Demonstrate understanding of macro-economics influences on the New Zealand economy 3 6 External

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