Tourism/Geography (Welcome to My House) NCEA 1

Course Details

Semester Course 12 Credits (Semester 1 or 2, Half year course only)


The purpose of this half year is to introduce students to Geography with a Tourism focus. It is aimed at middle to lower ability students. The areas of study look at our Awa (river), the Moana (Tasman Sea), the Maunga (the mountains) and Whenua (that land). Geography is the study of people and their interaction with the environment and Tourism is travelling to a place you do not normally live in. The course examines two Tourism Unit Standards and two Geography Internal Achievement Standards. It looks at other key concepts such as change, perspectives, and sustainability.

Entry Requirements:

None- although suited to middle to lower ability students.

Course Contribution:

$35, plus a field trip to Tongariro National Park.

Leads To:

Level 2 Tourism, Other Level 2 Social Sciences

Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
24726 Describe and compare social and cultural impacts of tourism 2 3 Internal
24727 Describe and compare impacts of tourism on the physical environment 2 3 Internal
91009 Demonstrate geographic understanding of the sustainable use of an environment 1 3 Internal
91012 Describe aspects of a contemporary New Zealand geographic issue 1 3 Internal

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