External Studies 3

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Year 13 Optional - Full Year Credits


• Externally Provided Studies: Students will be enrolled with external providers accessing a variety of units through distance learning. Units are bought from various providers with the work being undertaken in a supervised area. To be eligible for this programme you must have a proven record of being able to work independently. Studies are available in Carpentry, Agriculture, Radio, Butchery, Retail, Early Childcare and Animal Care to name a few. To find out more about this course see Miss Gregory. • University Studies: Students must have the Principal’s approval and provisional entry to University (to be applied for by Dec 1) is required. This usually means a Level 3 subject has been completed to at least a Merit Level.

Entry Requirements:

Year 13 Only. Limited class size. University Studies - students must have the Principal's approval and provisional entrance to University (to be applied for by 1st December) is required. Provisional entry to University usually means a Level 3 subject has been successfully completed to at least a Merit level. Not all courses are available every year and may have Level 2 prerequisites before a student can embark upon Level 3 units. Other provider Studies. Students need to gain approval from Miss Gregory.


In accordance with the External Providers course procedures. All Polytechnic courses are NZQA accredited and most have Unit Standards.


This course is only available to students who: Are either studying a University Paper OR Within their timetable have either STAR or STP courses. Students must apply for approval through either Mrs Gregory, Mr Keene or their Year level Dean.

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