Automotive Engineering 3

Course Details

Level 3 Optional 20 Credits


To enable students to gain qualifications towards a National Certificate of Entry Automotive Trades. The course will provide students with theory and practical training.

Entry Requirements:

10 credits of AUT2, and a record of safety and responsibility in the Workshop and HOF/TIC approval.

Course Contribution:


Leads To:

Not U.E. Approved

Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
21680 Demonstrate knowledge of automotive lubricants and sealants 3 3 Internal
21683 Demonstrate knowledge of MIG welding in the motor industry 3 2 Internal
21684 Use a MIG welding plant in the motor industry 3 3 Internal
233 Service an automotive battery 2 2 Internal
239 Demonstrate knowledge of automotive manual transmissions 2 2 Internal
918 Demonstrate knowledge of light vehicle final drive assembly operation 3 4 Internal


Students have the opportunity to complete a National Certificate of Entry Automotive Trades.

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