Technology Materials NCEA 1

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Level 1 Optional 25 Credits


To develop students' understanding of technology and provide the opportunity for them to develop their own technological practice within a structured practical environment. The course will increase the students' technological capability, knowledge and their understanding of how technology interacts with society. Students will develop project solutions from given issues using many different materials including wood, metal and plastics. The course is challenging and requires creative and motivated thinkers.

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Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
91045 Use planning tools to guide the technological development of an outcome to address a brief 1 4 Internal
91046 Use design ideas to produce a conceptual design for an outcome to address a brief 1 6 Internal
91047 Undertake development to make a prototype to address a brief 1 6 Internal
91057 Implement basic procedures using resistant materials to make a specified product 1 6 Internal
91063 Produce freehand sketches that communicate design ideas 1 3 External

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