Dance NCEA 2

Course Details

Level 2 Optional 22 Credits


Students will further develop their skills in a variety of dance forms. Students will perform in a repertoire of dances and develop choreography with the intention of performing to an audience.

Entry Requirements:

12 credits in DAN1 and HOF/TIC approval.

Course Contribution:

$10 for portfolio

Leads To:


Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
91206 Choreograph a solo dance to communicate an intention 2 4 Internal
91207 Perform an ethnic or social dance to communicate understanding of the style 2 4 Internal
91208 Perform a theatre dance to communicate understanding of the dance 2 4 Internal
91209 Perform a repertoire of dance 2 6 Internal
91211 Provide an interpretation of a dance performance with supporting evidence 2 4 External

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