Drama NCEA 1

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Level 1 Optional 20 Credits


This course will offer students the chance to develop a wide range of personal and performance skills through the processes of drama. Students will complete units of work that will involve them creating, performing and reflecting on drama.

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Available Standards

Some or all of the following will be offered:

Standard Description Level Credits Assessment
90006 Apply drama techniques in a dramatic context 1 4 Internal
90009 Perform an acting role in a scripted production 1 5 Internal
90011 Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performance 1 4 External
90997 Devise and perform a drama 1 5 Internal
90998 Demonstrate understanding of features of a drama/theatre form 1 4 External
90999 Select and use features of a drama/ theatre form in a performance 1 4 Internal
91000 Demonstrate understanding of a significant play 1 4 Internal

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