WHS China Trip 2018

13 September 2018

China Trip 2018 

From September 21 until 9 October 28 Whanganui High School students and 3 Whanganui High School staff will be travelling to China.  They will leave Whanganui on Air Chathams on Saturday and then travel to Xiamen, Beijing, Xuzhou to meet our Sister School Students.  A day trip to Disneyland, Shanghai will mark the end of the trip in China and they will return from Auckland to Whanganui via Air Chathams on Tuesday 9 October. 

Whanganui High School is one of ten schools in New Zealand that won funding from Education New Zealand towards visiting their sister schools in China.  With this prize, Whanganui High School will be able to meet some of the Xuzhou students who have visited Whanganui and see what real life in a Chinese family is all about.  Our students will stay in a homestay with a buddy, get to have a look around Xuzhou and gain insight into Chinese culture. 

Every year, Whanganui High School hosts around 30 students from Xuzhou.  Student exchanges help New Zealanders to develop a global perspective and gain a sense of New Zealand’s place in the world.  Our Whanganui High School students are always warm and welcoming, but this time they will get to experience what it is like from the other side!  International education exposes us to different world views, and ways of thinking and looking at things – helping us become more outward-looking and accepting of other cultures. 

In Xuzhou, the students will also be shown around the sister schools.  With a visit to local universities, there is even a possibility for seniors to consider a gap year, which would really help with their Chinese language learning.   International education plays a vital role in strengthening New Zealand’s social, cultural, educational and economic links with the wider world. 

There will be a journal and photos from the trip emailed home regularly and posted on the school website so we can follow their travels. We wish them all the best of luck and look forward to hearing about their adventures. 

Alexandra Ferretti

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