School Zone

Zone Map

View the map of our school zone OR via the Ministry of Education website

Zone Description

Inclusive of all residents inside the area defined with these boundaries. From the north, and working in a clockwise direction:

  1. Both sides of Virginia Rd from the corner of SH 3, including numbers 32 to 62 through to both sides of Halswell St to the centre of railway line.
  2. The centre of the railway line from Halswell St to its intersection with Taupo Quay, thereby including: - London St from 173/178 - Glasgow St from 151/152 - Liverpool St from 93/122 - College St from 7/12 - Ingestre St from 190 - Hatrick St nos 23, 25, 33, 36, 38  - Guyton St from 218 
  3. The intersection of the railway line at Taupo Quay to the right hand side (downstream) bank of the river at a point which is at right angles to the Taupo Quay intersection with the railway line.
  4. From the point on the riverbank at right angles to Taupo Quay to a point that is opposite the extension of Kings Ave, thereby including Bedford Ave but excluding Balgownie Ave.
  5. City side of Kings Ave (even numbers) from its extension to the riverbank to the corner of Swiss Ave. - Kings Ave 2 to 48 even numbers only
  6. City side of Swiss Ave (even numbers only) from the corner of Kings Ave to the corner of Muir St.- Swiss Ave 2 - 8 even numbers only
  7. Both sides of Muir St from the intersection with Swiss Ave to the corner of Abbott St.- Muir St 1 - 28 both sides
  8. Both sides of Abbot St from the intersection with Muir St and continuing into both sides of Puriri St to the intersection with York Rd.- Abbot St 40, 40A, 42, 48, 50, 59 - Puriri St 1 - 27 (both sides)
  9. From the intersection of York Rd and Puriri St to the corner of Totara St and Puriri St. - Puriri St 44 - 53 (both sides)
  10. City side of Totara St (even numbers only) from the intersection with Puriri St to the corner of Totara St and Karamu St. -Totara St 2 - 42 even numbers only
  11. From the corner of Totara St and both sides of Karamu St to Mosston Rd at point that would be the intersection of the extended Fitzherbert Ave and Mosston Rd, thereby including all residential properties on the western boundary -including St Helens Pl and Kelsi St
  12. Both sides of Mosston Rd from the intersection of Fitzherbert Ave extension with Mosston Rd to the intersection of Montgomery Rd and Mosston Rd.- Mosstown Rd from 110/129
  13. Both sides of Tayforth Rd from the corner of Mosston Rd to the Wanganui Urban boundary line.- Tayforth Rd up to 28/43
  14. From the intersection of urban boundary Line and Montgomery Rd in a straight line to the intersection of Virginia Rd and SH 3 (Great North Rd). - Great North Rd up to 148/165A