WHS Opportunities

This is a quick look at a few things you can do while studying at WHS.It's just a snapshot of opportunities,there is much more available.Produced by Couch Kumaras(Finn O'Connor & Conor Cameron-ex WHS)

WHS Cultural Prefects Survival Video

This clip is based on a Bear Grylls style 'Man vs School' and was produced by the 2013 cultural prefects. The intention is to highlight to students the need to be prepared for 'Learning' - Feb 2013

WHS Whanau Class - 'Stop Your Mate from Fighting' Video

This video stars one of our 2012 whanau form classes and is based on the famous anti-drink driving TV advert. Our theme is to 'Stop a mate from fighting - Legend'. - 2012

LIFE introduction video (LOTR style)

Fellowship is a key part WHS just as in the Lord of the Rings. This themed video shares our positive expectations that are based around our school motto 'That we might have LIFE". February 2013

L is Learning- 'Get ready, get thru'

'Learning', is the fundamental part of the school values "LIFE" (Learning, Integrity, Fellowship and Excellence).This video reminds students about being prepared. February 2013

Whanganui High School Pacifika Group

The Pacifika group performing at school's cultural festival. July 2012

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