List of current Staff at Whanganui High School and their departments and roles.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Martin McAllen

Mrs E. Spooner
Associate Principal

Mr C. Friedel
Deputy Principal (Awa House)

Mrs J. Langrish
Deputy Principal (Maunga House)

Ms N. Todd
Deputy Principal (Moana House)

Mr P. Turner
Deputy Principal (Whenua House)

Digital Technology

Mr C. Dunn HOF Digital Technology
Mrs J. Dunn
Mr G. Hardy
Mrs E. Hughes
Mr P. Keene
Mr J. Sullenberger
Mr T. Sutherland


Mrs V. Kasner HOF English
Mrs K. Adam
Mr J. Berkhout
Mrs L. Burgess
Mr P. Chiet
Ms S. Hughes
Ms J. Love
Ms T. Martin
Ms A. Meade
Mr M. Metcalfe
Mr S. Miller
Mrs C. Peak
Mrs M. Stevenson
Ms L. Tahuaroa
Miss L. Viles


Mrs A. Ferretti Director of International Students
Mr B. Ding Dean of International Students
Miss R. Cleary Head of International English
Mrs S. Crook Homestay Co-ordinator
Mrs T. Hoobin International Administrator
Mrs A. Van De Vyver International Support
Mrs L. Su'a Teacher of ESOL


Mrs L. Smith HOF Languages , French
Miss R. Henry Head of Te Reo Māori
Mr B. Ding Teacher of Chinese
Mrs M. Young-Wilson Teacher of Chinese
Mrs A. Ferretti Teacher of French/Spanish
Mr T. Pauro Teacher of Maori
Mrs Q. Scott Teacher of Spanish
Ms B. Stuart Teacher of Spanish


Mr C. Burgess HOF Mathematics
Mr C. Burrows Assistant HOF Mathematics
Mrs C. Burrows
Mr P. Coombs
Mr B. Ding
Mrs J. Dunn
Mrs R. Hardy
Ms R. Hermann
Ms S. Hughes
Ms R. Kennedy
Mr N. Krishna
Mr J. Leonard
Mrs H. Pedersen
Mr R. Prasad
Mr C. Price
Mrs E. Spooner
Mr P. Turner

Physical Education and Health

Miss L. Martin HOF Physical Education and Health
Mr J. Barnett Head of Outdoor Education
Mrs M. Bennetts Head of Health
Mr S. Brown
Mrs C. Graham
Mr G. Hardy
Mr A. Lock
Mr L. van der Lubbe
Mr W. Marr
Mr B. Parry
Mr T. Pauro
Mrs B. Rison
Mr K. Rivers
Mr A. Watkins


Mr M. Crook HOF Science
Mr I. Thomas Assistant HOF Science , Head of Chemistry
Ms S. Frost Head of Biology
Mr C. Turner Head of Electronics
Mrs R. Chand
Mr S. Costelloe
Mrs C. Davies
Ms G. Glaister
Mr N. Glaister
Mrs V. Lawson
Mr J. Sullenberger

Social Sciences

Mr J. Shepherd HOF Social Sciences
Mr B. Hunter Head of Geography
Mrs C. Peak Head of Classics
Mrs J. de Smidt Head of History & Psychology
Ms J. Ander Specialist Classroom Teacher
Mr J. Berkhout
Miss G. Brown
Mrs K. Fecteau
Mr C. Friedel
Ms N. Gifford
Mr D. Ireton
Mrs J. Langrish
Mrs C. Libeau
Ms A. Meade
Mr C. Smyth
Mrs L. Su'a
Miss B. Waldegrave
Mrs M. Young-Wilson

Study Options

Mr C. Dunn Timetabling


Mr C. Adam HOF Technology , Head of Fine Furniture/Graphics
Mrs L. Hardcastle Head of Food Technology
Mrs T. Burmeister
Mr J. Dufty
Mrs K. Fecteau
Mr N. Glaister
Mr G. Hutchins
Mr K. Morgan
Mr B. Spencer
Mr J. Sullenberger
Mr I. Taylor
Mr H. Wilson
Mr A. Wrigglesworth

The Arts

Mrs N. Campbell HOF Performing & Visual Arts
Mr G. Hall Assistant Head of Performing & Visual Arts
Mrs J. Jones Head of Music
Ms C. Sleyer Head of Photography
Ms R. Armstrong Head of Drama
Mrs K. Coombs
Mr B. Holt
Mr G. Hutchins
Ms L. Tahuaroa
Ms N. Todd
Miss L. Viles

Vocational Studies

Mrs D. Howard Vocational Studies/Gateway/STAR/External Education Co-ordinator
Miss J. Gregory Vocational Studies/Gateway Employment Co-ordinator
Mr P. Keene Careers Advisor
Ms S. Battersby
Mr J. Berkhout
Miss G. Brown
Mrs L. Burgess
Mrs J. Dunn
Mr C. Friedel
Mrs E. Hughes
Ms S. Hughes
Ms J. Love


Mrs J. de Smidt Dean of Academia
Miss G. Brown Dean of Awa House
Mr B. Parry Dean of Awa House
Mr B. Ding Dean of International Students
Mr J. Leonard Dean of Maunga House
Mr W. Marr Dean of Maunga House
Mrs C. Graham Dean of Moana House
Mr H. Wilson Dean of Moana House
Mr S. Brown Dean of Māori Students
Ms R. Kennedy Dean of Whenua House
Miss L. Martin Dean of Whenua House
Mrs R. Hardy PB4L Co-ordinator

Guidance Counsellors

Mrs J. McKenzie
Mr T. Tubman

Instrumental Music Tutors

Mr F. Loveridge Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar/Jazz Band
Mr B. Jellyman Brass
Mr M. Franklin-Browne Drums
Mrs M. Brooks Piano/Voice
Mrs A. Hunt Strings
Mr G. Herdman Woodwind

Learning Support Centre

Ms G. Cansfield Head of Learning Support Centre
Mrs K. McKenzie Lead Teacher Aide
Ms T. Baxter Teacher Aide
Mrs J. Cox Teacher Aide
Mrs R. Hamilton-James Teacher Aide
Ms H. Manuel Teacher Aide
Mr D. Morrison Teacher Aide
Mrs S. Parker Teacher Aide
Ms A. Paul Teacher Aide
Ms S. Tyler Teacher Aide

Support and Ancillary

Mrs C. Hunter Administration - Main Office
Mrs J. Porteous Administration - Photocopying Services
Mrs C. Molan Administration - Principal's Executive Assistant
Mrs K. Adam Alternative Education
Mrs N. Kennedy Bursar
Mrs S. Ashworth Bursars Office
Mrs D. Morpeth Bursars Office
Mrs K. Bishop Canteen
Mrs R. Coker Canteen
Ms M. Kidd Canteen
Mrs A. Ngatai-Broughton Canteen
Mrs J. Young Canteen Manager
Mrs C. Gibson Cleaning Services
Mrs W. Jervis Deans House
Ms L. Lock Fit Club Instructor
Mr A. Gerrie IT - Computer Technician
Mr B. Svendsen IT - Computer Technician
Mr S. Anderson IT - Network Administration Manager
Mrs C. Cowan-Puru Kaiāwhina - School Wide
Miss L. Simon Kapahaka Tutor
Mrs S. Goldsbury Library
Mrs L. Lamb Library
Ms M. Aki Pasifika Tutor
Ms E. Houltham Property
Mr G. Jones Property & Automotive Support
Mr T. Martin Property Manager
Ms H. Johnston Science Technician
Mrs L. Sharp Science Technician
Mrs L. Murphy Sports - Director of Sport
Miss K. Morgan Sports - Sports Assistant
Ms D. Henderson Staff Room
Mrs L. Barr Student Centre
Miss S. Harding Student Centre
Mrs R. Westwood Student Centre

Te Atawhai / Special Needs

Mrs W. Girven Head of Te Atawhai Unit
Miss K. Blythe Teacher Aide
Ms C. Davies Teacher Aide
Ms H. Mael Teacher Aide
Ms E. Paki Teacher Aide
Ms D. Parnell Teacher Aide
Mr R. Parnell Teacher Aide
Mrs D. Sutherland Teacher Aide
Mr D. Woller Teacher Aide

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