ARP3 - Art Painting

Entry Requirements:
12 credit in ARP2 and HOF/TIC approval.
Full Year
Invitation Only:
Achievement and Unit Standard
up to 18
U.E. Approved:

Students will engage with the art making process as a young artist. Students need to have a strong independent work ethic as they are responsible for meeting deadlines and developing their own personal art practice. There is an emphasis and commitment to the use of the visual diary to plan, document and reflect on their personal approach to art making. Opportunities provided cater to differing strengths and weaknesses for students. The initial standards focus on research and the establishment of a personal aesthetic and symbolic language. The following standards focus on developing an art practice that allows instinctive decision making, flexibility and expansion of initial ideas. They will have an opportunity to develop original art through the observation of contemporary practice and to develop and extend their ideas into finished works. By the end of the year students should be able to generate, develop, extend and clarify ideas to a resolved point and have an intimate understanding of the creative process and its potential. The standards provided and the structure of the year will provide a solid foundation for future development in the creative and innovative fields.

Available Standards:

Some or all of the following will be offered
Title Description Level Credits Assessment U.E. Reading U.E. Writing
91456 Folio - 3 boards that; produce a systematic body of work that integrates conventions and generates ideas within painting practice 3 14 External No No
91460 Produce a resolved work that demonstrates purposeful control of skills appropriate to a visual arts cultural context. 3 4 Internal No No
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