CLS1S - Classical Studies

Entry Requirements:
This is a high literacy course. Students should enjoy reading and writing.
Full Year
Invitation Only:
Achievement Standard
up to 20
Leads To:
Classical Studies (NCEA 2)
Credits: Reading and writing literacy credits.

An introduction to the world of Greek Mythology and life in the classical Greek World. We focus on mythology in the first half year and there are two internal assessments based on the gods and goddesses (6 credits) and greek theatre. The second half focuses on drama and architecture in the classical world (6 credits). This course helps develop skills of research, communication and processing information in a variety of formats. It also promotes the important qualities of tolerance of other cultures, both ancient and modern.

Available Standards:

Some or all of the following will be offered
Title Description Level Credits Assessment U.E. Reading U.E. Writing
91021 Demonstrate understanding of ideas and values of the classical world 1 4 External No No
91022 Demonstrate understanding of the significance of features of work(s) of art in the classical world 1 4 External No No
91024 Demonstrate understanding of social relationships in the classical world 1 6 Internal No No
91025 Demonstrate understanding of links between aspects of the classical world and another culture 1 6 Internal No No
Other courses in Classical Studies:

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