GEO2 - Geography

Entry Requirements:
12 credits in GEO1 or ENG1 or HIS1 or HOF/TIC approval.
Full Year
Invitation Only:
Achievement Standard
up to 23
Leads To:
Geography (NCEA 3)
Field trips (Ohakune - Geographic Research - no charge / Optional South Island Trip approx $1500)

To develop an understanding of the natural and cultural environments. Natural landscapes – Examining the South Island High Country, and Skills which include mapping, graphing, visual interpretation, values, statistics and geographic concepts. Contemporary geographic issues and geographic issues on a global scale (Issue of Endangered Species), as well as planning and carrying out research in relation to the climate of our region.

Available Standards:

Some or all of the following will be offered
Title Description Level Credits Assessment U.E. Reading U.E. Writing
91189 (Extra Option) Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality (Earth and Space Science). 2 4 Internal No No
91240 Demonstrate geographic understanding of a large natural environment 2 4 External Yes Yes
91243 Apply geography concepts and skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment 2 4 External No No
91244 Conduct geographic research, with guidance 2 5 Internal No No
91245 Explain aspects of a contemporary New Zealand geographic issue 2 3 Internal No No
91246 Explain aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale 2 3 Internal No No
Other courses in Geography:

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