MUS0 - Music

Year 10
Half Year
Invitation Only:
Leads To:
Music (NCEA 1)


To extend students musical skills from their previous learning in Year 9. Students who have not completed Year 9 Music course may apply under special circumstances.


Students will have the opportunity to enter Year 10 Music as:

An Intermediate: This half year course is for students who have learnt an instrument for one year (in Year 9 or from an outside teacher) and would like to further their playing skills as a musician. Students will also have an opportunity to make music with technology and learn theory, to prepare them for Year 11.

or enter

A Master Class: This half year course is for students who already play an instrument, having had at least two year’s tuition. Students will partake in class bands, ensembles and performance opportunities will be given such as Rockquest/Chamber Music contests. Students will learn to use technology and advance their theory skills, to prepare them for Year 11.


Achievement based on theory, composition and performance skills.

Other courses in Music:

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