OAS1 - Outdoor Adventure Skills

Full Year
Invitation Only:
Unit Standard
up to 20
Leads To:
Outdoor Education (NCEA 2), Sport & Exercise (NCEA 2)

This course should provide learning experiences to develop personal and social skills for moving safely in a variety of settings. These learning experiences should also develop the understandings and skills which underpin successful outdoor activity and an increase in the awareness of the need for conservation of the environment. The Unit Standards offered in this course can be used towards the National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation Leadership.

Available Standards:

Some or all of the following will be offered
Title Description Level Credits Assessment U.E. Reading U.E. Writing
431 Navigate in good visibility on land 2 3 Internal No No
448 Experience a caving trip 1 1 Internal No No
467 Demonstrate personal and social development through participation in adventure based learning 2 3 Internal No No
476 Roll a kayak 2 2 Internal No No
485 Demonstrate rafting skills on sheltered or slow-moving water 2 3 Internal No No
20137 Mountain bike on easy to intermediate terrain 1 1 Internal No No
20138 Select, set up and maintain a mountain or cycle touring bike 2 3 Internal No No
20141 Complete beginner orienteering courses 1 1 Internal No No
20152 Experience and complete abseiling sessions 1 1 Internal No No
20818 Demonstrate kayaking skills on sheltered or slow-moving water 1 2 Internal No No
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