PLS2 - Pathways Life Skills

Entry Requirements:
HOF/TIC approval
Full Year
Invitation Only:
Unit Standard
up to 18
Leads To:
Vocational Studies Employment Skills (NCEA 3), Vocational Studies English (NCEA 3), Vocational Studies Health (NCEA 3), Vocational Studies Mathematics (NCEA 3)

Pathways Life Skills is a programme for Year 12 students where the major focus is to ensure they have acquired and practised skills that enable them to be successful not just in a work environment but also competently navigate life in a variety of situations. Students are able to gain NCEA Level 2 credits. Students can also work towards industry recognised trade credits that will allow them to enter the catering community with required credits. Students work through the units on offer at a pace suited to their learning style and gain the credits once they have completed the assessments. This is a self driven course ensuring that students develop skills and gain knowledge required to enter Vocational Studies L3.

Available Standards:

Some or all of the following will be offered
Title Description Level Credits Assessment U.E. Reading U.E. Writing
4253 Demonstrate knowledge of job search skills 2 3 Internal No No
4261 Identify legal rights and obligations in relation to motor vehicle ownership and operation 2 3 Internal No No
12349 Demonstrate knowledge of time management 2 3 Internal No No
12354 Describe implications of independent living, including renting and flatting 2 4 Internal No No
12355 Describe stress and ways of dealing with it 2 3 Internal No No
13281 Prepare and present basic sandwiches for service. 2 2 Internal No No
Other courses in Pathways Life Skills:

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