Summer Uniform
October 14, 2019

Students are to be in complete and correct summer uniform from the first day of Term 4 please.

Parents are reminded that Andersons Uniforms, is our uniform outlet.

Please ensure that your son/daughter’s uniform complies with the regulations. A full list of the uniform is available on the Schools’ website.

Some uniform issues we are concerned about are:

  1. The length of the girls’ summer skirt – it must be on the knee or longer, but no shorter.
  2. Sandals being worn without back straps which have either broken off or been cut off. Sandals are supposed to be black not brown.
  3. Shaving – a reminder that boys are expected to be cleanly shaven.

We do appreciate your support with all uniform requirements, as we like our students’ personal presentation to reflect their pride in being a pupil here.

(*) Last Reviewed: October 14, 2019

WARNING: This post is over a year old. Some of the information this contains may be outdated.

Please email the office to request an updated review.