Digital Technology

Welcome to the Digital Technologies Department. Our facilities include 5 fully functioning computer labs, high speed fibre internet and over 120 networked computers. We also have other various networked pods around the school for student use.

We are constantly updating the Whanganui High School network to include the best fibre-optic backbone and virtual servers. Each student has access to their own school Google and Office 365 accounts. This enables them to also work from home. As of 2015 all teaching staff at Whanganui High School staff have their own laptops that connect to the network enhancing the learning of students.

As a department we offer a wide variety of achievement and unit standards. These range from Level 1 to Level 3. Programmes of study range from computer programming to using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

We also offer all of our year 9 and year 10 students a compulsory programme where a student is provided opportunities to gain life skills in computer use. We also teach and encourage good Digital Citizenship school wide.

We support development of our students by enabling them to create digital outcomes by using a vast array of computational thinking.

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