Bell Times

Students should be at school by 8:40am.
Whanganui High School expects students to be punctual.

Monday to Thursday

Start End Period
8:45am 9:05am Form Time (20 minutes) 
9:05am 10:05am Period One (60 minutes)  
10:05am 11:05am Period Two (60 minutes)
11:05am 11:50am Morning Break (45 minutes)
11:50am 12:50pm Period Three (60 minutes)
12:50pm 1:50pm Period Four (60 minutes)
1:50pm 2:10pm Afternoon Break (20 minutes)
2:10pm 3:05pm Period Five (55 minutes) 


Start End Period
8:45am 9:20am Form time (35 minutes)
9:20am 10:20am Period One (60 minutes)
10:20am 11:20am Period Two (60 minutes)
11:20am 12:05pm Lunch break (45 minutes)
12:05pm 1:05pm Period Three (60 minutes)
1:05pm 2:05pm Period Four (60 minutes) 

At the conclusion of period 4, students will be able to go home unless requested to remain for tuition or mentoring. Bus students will be able to attend the Homework Centre in the Library.

(*) Last Reviewed: April 2, 2019

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