Edith Wheal Scholarship


Miss Edith Wheal was a devoted teacher for fifty years in Whanganui, and this scholarship is part of a bequest made by her to Whanganui High School. It is a fitting tribute to Miss Wheal's long years of service and concern for others that this scholarship is intended to promote similar dedication in others who have training, skills, and the will to employ their talents in the interests of other people.

This scholarship is to the value of $1000 (relevant to the Edith Wheal Scholarship criteria) and may be awarded annually to an ex-student of Whanganui High School under one of two categories:


The Service Scholarship

This takes precedence as the first purpose of the bequest. It is to assist a person to render voluntary service abroad for not less than 3 months, and preferably longer, in a country less developed than New Zealand or where there is a special need.


The Education Scholarship

In the event of there being no suitable applicant for the Service Scholarship, the award may be made to an applicant who by reason of academic attainment, chosen goals, character and circumstances, stands to profit most from its bounty while studying for a university degree or diploma, or a course of tertiary studies leading to equivalent professional qualifications.

Who may apply?

Any ex-pupil of Whanganui High School who has completed, or is undergoing, training beyond secondary school, which may render him/her potentially capable of giving significant service to other people overseas.

Applicants who have completed, or are undergoing training in a university or other tertiary educational institution (in medicine, science, social sciences, agriculture, business management, nursing, etc.) will be eligible, but not to the exclusion of others, who by reason of good trade, farming, management, or service experience may well be able to provide significant service.

Overseas Service

This may be with Government or accredited public or private organisations, Christian Missions, research organisations, etc., in the country of the scholar's choice.

Duration of Service Overseas

Normally this will be for not less than 3 months and preferably longer, provided that in exceptional circumstances, it may be shorter than 3 months. Exceptional circumstances might include:

i giving emergency specialist service overseas,
ii long vacation service by students still in training in New Zealand.

Applicants with special qualifications or experience and who are not still in training, should envisage a period of service of not less than 12 months, but will be considered if a shorter period is offered.

Method of Application

This onus is upon the applicant to make all preliminary arrangements with the overseas authority with whom service is intended, and to submit with the application forms, written confirmation from the overseas organisation concerned that the applicant has indeed been accepted for service.

Provisional Applications

It is expected that in some cases applicants cannot be committed until they know whether or not they have been awarded an Edith Wheal Scholarship. In this case a Provisional Application should be submitted.

Further Education

Applicants seeking assistance for further study in New Zealand or abroad must likewise provide confirmation that arrangements are in hand for the purpose.

Payment of Awards

No payment will be made to a successful applicant until arrangements for overseas service or further education are confirmed.


All persons to whom the Award is made will be required to sign a document certifying that they will return the sum paid if the overseas service or further training is not taken up within 12 months of the date of payment of the Award.


Applicants must provide the names and addresses and occupations of at least two referees, at least one of whom must be able to comment on the applicant's competence to render service overseas or report on his/her academic attainment and suitability for further tertiary study.
At least one referee must have first-hand knowledge of the applicant's personal qualities and suitability to pursue the course envisaged in his/her application.

Application Form and Closing Date - 1st November


Applications with supporting documents must reach the Principal by 1st November of each year.

Send to:

The Principal
Whanganui High School
PO Box 4022

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