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Fees Details

The tuition fee covers four or part terms from the starting date for the student. Included in the school fee are the cost of class fees, textbooks, the international student photo, the yearbook and the orientation course at the start.  You can download an application form from here:

2019 International Student Application Form

Tuition Fee: NZ $13,250
(or NZ $3500 per ten-week term for shorter stay students.)

This is the normal starting level for international students unless they have the prior approval of Whanganui High School.

Includes up an English classes and a conversation class.

First Year Premium Fee: NZ $15,000
(or NZ $4000 per ten-week term for shorter stay students.)

This course is designed for new students who require a lot of English language support in the first year.

Includes 3 to 6 English classes including special Intensive English classes, a conversation class and ESOL classes.

Homestay : NZ $11,250
(for a full academic year of 45 weeks or $250 per week for a part of a year.)

  • Provision of a single room for the student
  • All Meals
  • All homestays are visited and assessed in advance by the school.

Administration Fee : NZ $1200 for long term students and NZ $600 for short stay (6-months or less).

  • Meet and greet the student at Whanganui airport
  • Helping to arrange the homestay and set up bank accounts
  • Orientation programme
  • Personal Costs

The homestay fee does not cover the following:

  • School uniform (maximum of $600)
  • Holidays away from the homestay, or holidays that involve extra expense for the homestay parents.
  • Personal spending (between $NZ50 and $NZ70 per week). Parents may pay personal funds to the school and the school will set up a bank account whereby a set amount will be automatically paid into the student's account each week.
  • Toll calls 

Guardian: NZ $2500
This is mandatory for students under 14 years and recommended for other young students. The student does not live with the guardian.

The native speaking guardian is responsible for:

  • visiting the homestay prior to the student arriving to discuss cultural differences
  • meeting the student at the airport and introducing the student to the homestay
  • taking the student to the school on their first day
  • arranging bank accounts and the purchase of a school uniform
  • maintaining regular contact with the school and homestay so progress can be monitored
  • keeping parents informed in their own language by sending a brief report every month
  • answering parents' concerns by fax, phone or email
  • representing parents at the school (or homestay) if there are any problems
  • meeting with the students regularly and transport to the doctor if required
  • obtaining parents' approval before the student undertakes any activity which may be dangerous or high risk
  • monitoring student's plans any trips away from the homestay and making sure parents' approval has been given.

Insurance: NZ $541 (for an 11 month school year) or $NZ583 (for a full calendar year)

This full travel insurance policy covers personal effects, health and accident insurance. The policy is arranged to start from the time a student leaves to travel to New Zealand. Whanganui High school requires all students to be insured. If a student has alternative travel insurance a copy of the insurance certificate must be provided.


All our international students are placed in homestays to provide total immersion in the English language in a warm, caring family environment. The school carefully assesses and manages all homestays having regular contact with them to ensure the student and host parents are happy.

Home stay: $NZ 11,250 (for a 45 week year or $250 per week for part of a year )

The homestay fee covers the following:

  • All the expenses involved in living as a member of a family
  • Provision of a single room for the student.
  • All meals

Personal costs: The homestay fee does not cover the following.

  • School uniform (maximum of $NZ 600)
  • Bicycle (if needed) (approximately $NZ 300)
  • Holidays away from the home stay or holidays that involve extra expense for the homestay parents.
  • Personal spending (between $NZ 50 and $NZ 70 per week). If they wish, parents can pay personal spending to the school and we will set up a bank account and automatically pay a set amount into the student's account each week.
  • Toll calls 

Refund of Homestay Fees: (Based on all homestay fees paid up front)

  • If you move out of your homestay before the end of your contract, the portion of your homestay fees not already used will be returned to you. The Administration Fee of $600 and $1200 cannot be refunded.
  • To have your homestay fees returned, your parents must write to the Board of Trustees giving two weeks' notice, or pay two weeks' fees in lieu of notice.
  • If you cancel your homestay contract before you move into the homestay, your fees will be refunded in full less the Administration Fee of $600.
  • If you request a change of homestay, then the original homestay will receive two weeks' fees in lieu of notice.


If you have a complaint, please contact the Director of International Students in the first instance.  If you are unsatisfied with the response, please visit this website www.istudent.org.nz for free and impartial advice. 


Mrs Alexandra Ferretti
Director of International Students
Whanganui High School
Box 4022

Ph No. +64 6 349 0178
Fax No. +64 6 349 0176
Email: director.int@whanganuihigh.school.nz

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