Student Experiences

Brian Vietnam

My name is TRAN NGOC THUAN. I'm from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. My classmates call me BRIAN.

In HCM City, the weather is very hot, about 30 or 33 degree. So I felt very cold when I came New Zealand. This is the first time I go abroad. When I came to Wanganui Air-plane, there were 3 person who picked me up :Mr Lakeland-my teacher, my host mother and my Hong Kong friend who stayed with me. I thought that may be I were bored because a different language. But when I came to Wanganui High School, I were very happy.

In my class, there were many international students, who were from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Costa Rica, Italy, Samoa,... They were friendly and happy. I have been WHS 1 week. I thank you my teachers very much because they always help me by the best of their ability. I think WHS is as well as my school in Vietnam, I have condition to study: computer, library,...I like to study at Wanganui High School

Kazu Tokyo, Japan

My name is Kazuaki Katsurada. Everyone called me Kazu. I am 16 years old and from Tokyo in Japan. I came to New Zealand last April.

I was surprised at the town because in Japan there are many shops but in Wanganui there is only one main street and all shops close at 5 o'clock everyday.

My school life is very good. It is better than last year because I can speak English more than last year and my rugby skill is getting better.

This year's host family have two brothers and one sister, they are very kind people.

My hobbies are listening to music, playing sports and talking with my friends on the phone. I have been playing rugby since I was 6 years old and I was a member of a best Tokyo rugby team when I was junior high school student. When I played first match in N.Z I couldn't play very well because I was nervous and I couldn't communicate with my team members. I really realized that communication is very important for people. However I can communicate with my team members this year. I am enjoying playing rugby more than when I played in Japan because New Zealand is a kingdom of rugby. I am proud of playing rugby in New Zealand.

Xinia Costa Rica

On the Twenty first of January, I, Xinia arrived in New Zealand from Costa Rica.

I was happy seeing that my dream to be in New Zealand for a year was now true. I have enjoyed New Zealand, my experience and how much I have learnt. I now have a lot of friends and I love New Zealand. I'm really interested to see the differences between my culture and the others around the whole world. I found it interesting how the other students like Ricky from Hong Kong and Imase from Tavalu talked about their culture and the differences between their countries but they still love New Zealand.

I want to thank everyone who is helping me make this year the best I have ever had in my life and of course, the most important people for my parents in Costa Rica. I will not forget this amazing year. Kia ora mis amigos, Chao!!!!

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