Junior Central 6 Tournament

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Junior Central 6 was held on Friday with our Junior teams taking part against our Central 6 schools, Tawa College, Taradale High School, Kapiti College and Havelock North High School. Results are:

Volleyball Boys\ Taradale 1st, Tawa 2nd, Kapiti 3rd, HNHS 4th, WHS 5th

Volleyball Girl\ HNHS 1st, Tawa 2nd, Kapiti 3rd, Taradale 4th, WHS 5th.

Touch Rugby\ WHS Green1st, Tawa 2nd, Kapiti 3rd, HVHS 4th, Kapiti 5th, WHS White 6th, Taradale 7th, Tawa 8th.

Athletics Boys\ Tawa 1st, WHS 2nd, HVHS 3rd, Kapiti 4th, Taradale 5th

Athletic Girls\ WHS/Tawa 1st, HVHS 3rd, Taradale 4th, Kapiti 5th

Cricket Boys\ Tawa 1st, HVHS 2nd, WHS 3rd, Taradale 4th

Cricket Girls\ HVHS 1st, Taradale 2nd, WHS 3rd, Tawa 4th.

Overall school winner was:\ Tawa College 1st\ HVHS 2nd\ WHS 3rd\ Taradale 4th\ Kapiti 5th

Well done to all our students who represented WHS on Friday and a BIG thank you to staff and parents who helped run the day!! 💚💛

Lisa Murphy
WHS Director of Sport 25/11/19

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