WHS NZSS Athletics Team 2019

Good Luck to Coach Greg Fromont, Manager Elaine Baker and the Athletes of WHS. 💚💛💚💛

The Whanganui High School Athletics team heads off at the end of this week to the Premier Secondary School Athletics event of the year the N.Z champs, with the biggest squad we have taken to the nationals ever. Last year 210 schools entered and there were 2600 entries and given this year’s champs are in the central location of Wellington entries could be even bigger.

Twenty-Two athletes have qualified and been selected to represent the school across sprints, mid-distance, hurdles, jumps and throws.

Last year WHS had a great event returning with 6 medals which ranked us 4th equal in N.Z as well as having two team members named in the NZ secondary school athletics team.

We are aiming to do just as well this year and have strength across the board with real depth now in our sprints and hurdles programmes. That depth is shown also in the fact that for the first time ever we will enter relay teams in both 4 x 100mtrs and 4 x 400mtrs in all grades as well as the newly introduced mixed relay.

Team captain’s Rebecca Baker and Travis Bayler will lead the team for the last time this weekend and are looking forward to going out on a high note as well as leaving the incoming 2020 leadership group in great spirit. For all the details you can go to NZSSA website or watch for coverage on Sky Sport Next YouTube.

From our Sports Performance Coach...
One week till N.Z secondary school athletics and 22 athletes (and coaches) are rearing to go!!Biggest team WHS has ever had I think and you couldn’t have a better bunch of young people to enjoy time with (Cause it ain’t work; if it was you shouldn’t be there). Gotta say best team I’ve ever worked with, WHS should be proud of you. 💚💛 For a couple it’s last time out at secondary school level and its been my pleasure to work with you Becs and Trav. Yeah you both made the N.Z secondary school team last year, but over the last 4 years you’ve also made yourselves into people I’d be proud to call friends and that’s just as important. I remember the first conversation, “don’t expect anything in the first year, cause we’re gonna do this properly, but if you stick at it, it will def be worth it”, Hope it was. 😊 It’s gonna be a great week, I’m excited. 🤗🤗

Team going is:
Amber Andrews (Assistant Manager) Sophie Andrews, Charlotte & Rebecca Baker, Ryan & Travis Bayler, Tyler Cox, Kyra Engel, Casie Glentworth, Blair Gowan, Levi Hoekstra, Donovan James Bell, Flynn Johnston, Maggie Jones, Nat Kirk, Jakob Moorhouse, Connor & Paris Munro, Rebekah Phillips, Jemma Tan, Renee Teers, Grace Walford, Vincent Walters. Greg Fromont, Elaine Baker.

Lisa Murphy
WHS Director of Sport 2/12/19

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