Instructions for our students during Alert Level 2

Monday 18 May 2020


We are all very pleased to be back at school. Please follow these rules and expectations at all times during Alert Level 2:

  1. When ENTERING every classroom you MUST sanitise your hands using the sanitiser provided in each class.

  2. In class and at first break and second break respect the space around each other. Have as little body contact as possible and maintain a physical space between you and the person next to you.

  3. Wash your hands with liquid soap and water (or hand sanitiser) often.

  4. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

  5. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

  6. Sports or personal equipment such as frisbees/volleyballs/rugby balls/soccer balls should NOT be brought to school for Weeks 6 and 7. The astro-turf and gymnasiums will be closed for two weeks during first and second break times.

  7. The water fountains by D and G block toilets are available for refilling water bottles.

  8. Please use the many rubbish bins provided around the school. DO NOT leave your rubbish on the ground for someone else to pick up. Better still, put it in your bag and take it home!

  9. Be thoughtful of others at all times.

  10. Stay home if you feel unwell. Get your parents to ring the school. If you feel sick during the day then report to the Student Centre and arrange to be picked up.

We ALL appreciate your co-operation.

Whanganui High School Students, Caregivers, Parents and Staff.


(*) Last Reviewed: May 15, 2020

WARNING: This post is over a year old. Some of the information this contains may be outdated.

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