Whanganui student Luke Squire selected for North Island Secondary Schools Brass Band

Photo / Mike Tweed

Whanganui High School student Luke Squire has been selected to play in the North Island Secondary Schools Big Brassy Bandcamp in Turangi in October.

Luke has been playing the cornet for eight years, and is already part of the senior Whanganui Brass Band.

"The camp runs from October 7-11," Luke said.

"We begin rehearsals on the Wednesday and then on the Saturday there'll be a livestreamed concert.

"All the band members get sent the music and we all come together and rehearse."

His teacher, Bruce Jellyman, said Luke was "pointing in the right direction".

"This is him breaking into the national representation-type bands that are available," Jellyman said.

"Brass Whanganui has three bands and he's been in the senior band for the last three years, so he's got a lot of experience already.

"I don't think this will be a problem for him and the next step would be the National Youth Band, which is for those over the age of 18."

Jellyman said Luke would be tutored at the camp by Harmen Vanhoorne, who was currently playing cornet in the North Shore Brass Band.

"Being in touch with a world renowned musician like that is an awesome opportunity," Jellyman said.

"To have a week with people your own age, who are all experiencing the same thing, will be really exciting for Luke.

"He's like a sponge that kid, and really dedicated."

Luke said aside from playing in brass bands, he would also be entering his Whanganui High School rock band, Amp, into the upcoming Smokefree Rockquest competition with his brother Caleb.

"Playing in a rock band is quite a bit different to brass," Luke said.

"Perhaps it's a little bit easier, so I can just get up there and play."

Luke said his father Paul, along with sister Abby and brother Caleb, have all been involved in the Whanganui Brass Band, so he was still able to play the cornet throughout the Covid-19 lockdown in the family bubble.

"We had our own little band at home, so I was always able to practise and play, even when the band wasn't able to come together."

Mike Tweed
Whanganui Chronicle 20/6/20

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