Female students getting work experience in male-dominated roles

Whanganui High School currently has 70 senior students engaged in various work placements in our city under the Gateway programme and many of these students will gain employment with their current employee.

This year we have seen large numbers of our students wanting work in “The Trade” area. The schools’ Vocational Studies Employment Co-ordinator - Mrs Rachael Dunn had been approached by several of our senior girls asking about working in jobs that have been traditionally male dominated roles. Mrs Dunn contacted a few of our local businesses asking if they would be prepared to take on our girls for work experience. After several approaches, three businesses agreed to give the girls “a go” and all of them have shown that they have been very capable, just as much as their male counterparts. Whanganui High School is very grateful to the business community that help support our students in their endeavour to learn new skills and eventually find employment in our city.

Keylah Bouzaid-Hoggarth is pictured welding repairs to a vehicle. She worked on derby cars and enjoyed the time she spent in this industry.

Marewa Puru is working with a local builder – Ryan Construction, and is thoroughly enjoying the challenges she is faced with while at work. Marewa attends a Building and Construction course with AGC on Thursdays to gain qualifications and on Fridays she is at work putting her knowledge into practice.

Cyprus Hill has been going to Engine Rebuild since the start of the term and is coping extremely well in this environment. When visited at work she was captured working on a task set to her by her employer.

River City Press 24/6/21

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