WHS - Whanganui Repertory Theatre

Whanganui Repertory Theatre has been entertaining the Whanganui Community for over 90 years. This year we are thrilled to present the classic youth show Bugsy Malone these school holidays.

Auditions reinforced our belief that there is incredible talent and enthusiasm within our Whanganui youth.

We have cast exceptionally talented 10-18 year olds who come from several different schools in our community, ranging from primary through to secondary schools. 

We are really enjoying providing Whanganui youth with supportive and positive opportunities, and our theatre is so ‘alive’ with their laughter!  We would like to invite our community to get behind our incredibly talented youth and support them by attending the show.

Our cast are a part of your school community, and your support by way of inclusion of our show details in your school newsletter and on social media would be greatly appreciated.

Your amazing students Benjamin Ross, Sienna Taylor Moore, Danielle Taylor Moore, Amaliah Pohio, Charlotte Matthews and Ryder Edmonds are looking forward to performing, hanging out in Fat Sam’s Grand slam, but, most excitedly, taking part in the spurge (crazy string) gun and cream pie battles.


(*) Last Reviewed: September 19, 2023

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