Whanganui High School offers a wide range of sports to our students.

We also offer a Sports Performance Programme. This programme targets a selected range of students and offers a more advanced training and support, that will allow them to reach the next level of their athletic performance.

Sports Performance Pathway 2019 

This programme will target a selected range of students and offer more advanced training and support that will allow them to reach the next level of their athletic performance and their associated team sport / support sport activity. 

The performance group will be limited to a maximum of 30 places initially and will be chosen in conjunction with sport staff and coaches. Participants will come from identified sports and activities that fit with the sport development pathway model and level one sport priorities. 

This is a best practise, leading edge model for athlete development, coaching and personal development and will align with sports codes and national programmes wherever possible. 

What will it include?

If you are included on this programme you will have access to:

  1. Mentoring – A assistance with goal setting and developing a yearly performance plan.
  2. Leadership / personal development -  Help with development and coaching around taking leadership roles within teams and sport at WHS.
  3. Physical preparation – Access to specialist physical development and conditioning sessions and programmes. 
  4. Support – To ensure students can maintain a work, sport, life balance throughout the year.
  5. Lifestyle / Nutrition – Advice and assistance with nutrition and lifestyle management.

School Representatives

Students representing Whanganui High School in any co- curricular activity are expected to positively uphold and enhance the ‘Life’ values of Whanganui High School whilst preparing for, participating in, or attending any event.

Whanganui High School representatives are bound by the Smoke, Drug, and Alcohol Free conditions under which all events are managed

Read the full criteria for representing Whanganui High School

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