Tales of toys and Christmas at opera house

Christmas spirits Hannah Lewis (WHS student - back left), Niamh Hogan (WHS student) and Anna Durning with Leila Collinson (WHS student) as Mary, Connor Jenkins as Tomtom and Makenzie Tate as Bo Peep.
PHOTO / Bevan Conley

Familiar storybook characters are dancing across the Royal Wanganui Opera House stage as they rehearse for their Christmas programme which opens tonight.

The Shirley McDouall School of Dance will present Toyland and A Christmas Tale and every dancer - from the smallest to the tallest - has a part.

Some of the cast will dance more than one part like Leila Collinson who will dance as Mary one night and as the Spirit of the Past in A Christmas Tale the next.

Leah Aiono (WHS student) will dance the same parts on alternate nights and other dancers will also share different roles.

School principal Melissa Tate said the rehearsals have been going well and everyone is excited about their performances.

"The students have all worked really hard and it will be a great show."

Makenzie Tate, 14, will dance as Bo Peep and she has two sisters - Brooklyn, 13, and Kennedy, 7 - who will also be dancing in the show.

Ms Tate said the two-part programme is filled with fun and vibrant Christmas-themed variations on the original tales.

Toyland and A Christmas Tale Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3 at 5pm. Tickets - adult $18, senior / Friends OH $16, child 3 years to at school $13. Book at Royal Wanganui Opera House.

By Liz Wylie
Wanganui Chronicle 2/12/17