FDH2 - Hospitality

Entry Requirements:
Have studied FNG1 or FDH1 and HOF/TIC approval.
Full Year
Invitation Only:
Unit Standard
up to 21
Leads To:
Hospitality (NCEA 3)

To provide an opportunity for students to extend their knowledge and expertise in commercial catering in a simulated environment. Students will be encouraged to operate from a commercial perspective. Students will have the opportunity to complete industry standard courses on Food Hygiene as a pre-training qualification.

Available Standards:

Some or all of the following will be offered
Title Description Level Credits Assessment U.E. Reading U.E. Writing
167 Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervision 2 4 Internal No No
13276 Cook food items by grilling 2 2 Internal No No
13280 Prepare fruit and vegetable cuts in a commercial kitchen 2 2 Internal No No
13283 Prepare and present salads for service 2 2 Internal No No
13285 Handle and maintain knives in a commercial kitchen 2 2 Internal No No
13344 Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of cookery methods and their applications in commercial catering 2 3 Internal No No
14466 Demonstrate knowledge of maintaining a safe and secure environment for people in the hospitality industry 2 2 Internal No No
22234 Compare characteristics of international dishes and prepare and present international dishes 2 4 Internal No No
Other courses in Hospitality:

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