Physical Education and Health

Staff - Who are we?

A motivated, supportive and enthusiastic department made up of 11 full time staff and 4 part-time staff.

A good blend of youth and experience with diverse teaching skills and backgrounds who are able to form positive relationships with both students and staff

Sharing of good practice and resources is common

Very good contribution to extracurricular sport and other activities. Most members either coach, manage or are TICs of sport within the school

What Do We offer?

Year 9 and 10:

  • Junior PE: covering topics such as- Invasion Games, Net-based sports, Gymnastics, Swimming, Kayaking, International Games, Adventure Based Learning, Conditioning and Striking/Fielding
  • Junior Health: covering topics such as- Nutrition, interpersonal skills, personal well-being, dealing with change, relationships, sexuality, smoking, alcohol/drugs and decision making.

Year 11:

3 options at this level.

  • Physical Education (PED1)
  • Health (HLT1)
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS1)

Year 12:

4 options at this level.

  • Physical Education (PED2)
  • Health (HLT2)
  • Outdoor Education (OUT2)
  • Sport & Exercise (SPX2)

Year 13:

5 options at this level.

  • Physical Education (PED3)
  • Sportsmart (SPS3)
  • Health (HLT3)
  • Outdoor Education (OUT3)
  • Sport & Exercise (SPX3)

What Facilities Do We Have?

Our facilities include two large gymnasiums (basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton courts), one small gym, large upstairs fitness area, large astro turf (netball, tennis and half hockey turf), large field area (rugby, football, touch, softball diamond and 400m running track all marked out) and walking distance to Whanganui Splash Centre, Boys & Girls Gym Club and Springvale/Jubilee Stadiums.

Subject Areas

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