Social Sciences

Social Sciences are ideal for students that are interested in high achievement, career progression and an informed view of the world in which we live. Social Studies starts in Year 9 and flows onto Year 10 for all students and offers a wide range of understanding, inquiry and skills. As students move through Whanganui High School, our Social Science faculty allows students to explore, inquire and learn about a wide range of subjects including: Accounting, Classical Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Psychology, Social Studies and Tourism.

The Junior Social Studies course covers a variety of Social Science skills and is designed to expose students to issues and developments on a local, national and international level. Students will learn key Societal issues, culture, history and financial literacy across social and community contexts. They will develop skills in analysing, inquiry, identifying and explaining issues affecting societies. The course contents are all relevant and specific to Aotearoa, along with, the roles and impact that we have upon a Global scale.

By the end of Year 10, students will have gained an experience of each of the Senior Social Science subjects, such as Accounting, Economics, Classics, Geography, History, Psychology, Social Studies and Tourism. Thus opening the doors for an exciting learning journey for all students.

Subject Areas

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