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Digital Technology
Hangarua Matihiko

In Digital Technologies, students develop knowledge and skills using a wide range of exciting internet and computing technologies.

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Reo Ingarihi

In English, students study, use and enjoy language and literature communicated orally, visually or in writing.

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Tāngata Rāwāhi

In International studies, English as a Second Language students can further develop their English skills.

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Te Korero me Nga Reo

In studying Languages, students learn to communicate in another language, develop their capacity to learn further languages, and explore different world views in relation to their own.

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In Mathematics and Statistics, students explore relationships in quantities, space, and data and learn to express these relationships in ways that help them to make sense of the world around them.

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Pathway Digital Literacy

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Physical Education and Health

In Health and Physical Education, students learn about their own well-being, and that of others and society, in health-related and movement contexts.

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In Science, students explore how both the natural physical world and science itself work so that they can participate as critical, informed, and responsible citizens in a society in which science play

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Social Sciences

In the Social Sciences, students explore how societies work and how they themselves can participate and take action as critical, informed, and responsible citizens.

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Study Options

External Studies
Supervised Study

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In Technology, students learn to be innovative developers of products and systems and discerning consumers who will make a difference in the world.

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The Arts
Nga Toi

In the Arts students explore, refine, and communicate ideas as they connect thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings to create works and respond to the works of others.

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Vocational Studies
Kōwhiringa Umanga

The Vocational Studies Department at Whanganui High School opens many pathways for our senior students to experience while at school. It’s a great way for students to combine school studies with workplace learning, industry training, experience of the “real world of work” and attend a variety of external courses.

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